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The first-ever Pocket Stones™ were created in 1989 by San Francisco jewelry designer Theodora Scott. She engraved the first stones by hand on jewelry-quality semi-precious colored stones. She engraved words of love, courage and belief to carry with her as tangible reminders of the values she wanted to keep present in her life. Soon, she was making dozens of Pocket Stones™ for friends, family and business associates -- and realized the profound effect they were having on people’s lives.

Today, Theodora’s company, Inspiration Stones Inc., has sold over one million Pocket Stones™ – each precisely engraved with words that are remarkably touching. Perhaps the magic is in the beauty of the semi-precious stones. Or in the water-worn smoothness of the ancient river pebbles. Or the enduring power of the words. But we believe the real magic is the way they touch people’s hearts.

Pocket Stones™ are the original and most popular Inspiration Stones products. Precisely engraved with inspirational and motivational words, these heirloom-quality semi-precious stones are ideal as gifts, personal icons and collectibles.

River Stones are ancient stones worn smooth to the touch by river waters. Less expensive, their comforting feel and motivational words can be shared more freely among groups of friends, neighbors and business associates.

River Rocks are larger in size, engraved with inspirational words and images. They designed to be displayed on a desk or endtable, or in a quiet spot in a garden – to bring a moment of focus and inspiration into everyday life.



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