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River Stones – Large - are 3” to 3.5” across. Many of our friends consider them Memorial Stones. We think our Large River Stones – just the right size to display on your desk or end table as an intriguing conversation piece.

Put an engraved garden stone in a quiet spot for a focal point and inspiration in your everyday life.

And if you have a loss, and we all do sometime, you’ll find the words on the Memorial Stones are touching and just the right thing to place on a grave or next to a headstone.

Some of the meaningful words on River Stones include: 
Always, Believe, Blessings, Dream, Courage Hope, Faith, Imagine, Cherish, Remember, Honor, Peace and Love

These River Rocks broke off a mountain near an ocean shore or river’s edge millions of years ago. The water and waves tumbled these rough stones for a million years before they became this smooth and formed this unique shape. The rocks themselves are over 200 million years old. Our goal is to combine these ancient stones with a word of inspiration, motivation and healing to create gifts and keepsakes that will last “forever”.

River Stones are inspirational, motivational and healing gifts etched in stone.


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