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Inspiration Stones, Inc. is a company of people who believe that the human spirit is courageous and amazing. We meet more people everyday who are looking for ways to grow into better people and to improve themselves, their families, their work, their communities and the world. In that search we can all be assisted with tools to inspire and motivate. When people are inspired, they overcome obstacles, achieve goals and open their hearts to others. It is with gratitude and joy that we at Inspiration Stones, Inc. offer our Pocket Stones and River Stones, plus our heart-stirring Freedom Stones as powerful focusing tools that touch the heart and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Please join us in our journey, and tell us your stories of how our stones touch your life.

Pocket Stones, Memorial Stones, Etched Rocks

We created the very first Pocket Stones™ in 1989. In the beginning they were made as tools for the personal journey of our owner, an award-winning jewelry designer. The first generations of stones were engraved by hand, in handwriting styles, with the words Love, Balance, Integrity, Hope, Peace, and Success. These important words, engraved in ancient stones of earth-born colors, and carried in a pocket, were a point of focus and a reminder of personal goals.

It wasn’t long before friends and strangers noticed and started asking for some of their own. Then they wanted a few to give to friends and family. From then it was clear that this was meant to be a business, and today Pocket Stones continue to be our best selling product. Millions of our engraved stones have been sold, and continue to be memorable and popular keepsakes that last forever. In these times, they give people something to hold onto, and something to draw strength from, and we are amazed at how our little stones touch so many lives all over the world, and make such precious gifts.

Please peruse our web site, read the testimonial stories, phone us with questions, and accept our encouragement for your own journey, inspiration, and health.

Pocket Stones™  – Few gifts that cost so little touch our hearts so deeply.




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